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Petroleum Hydrocarbon Resin

Hydrocarbon Resins are made from petroleum based feedstocks either aliphatic (C5), aromatic (C9), DCPD (dicyclopentadiene), or mixtures of these:

  1. 1. Aliphatic Resins(C5100,C5100A,C52100).Light Color,Less odor.It is tackify resin which mostly used to tackify aliphatic polymers, especially natural rubber, EVA, SIS and APO
  2. 2. Aromatic Resin(C9-100,110,120,130,140) .It is based on C9 aromatic feedstock .The Color Gardner is #4-18.They are used mainly in EVA-based adhesives, contact adhesive for footwear, printing inks, sealants, and paints. C9 liquid resins are especially useful in flooring adhesives
  3. 3. Aliphatic/Aromatic Resins(C5/C93100)are C9 based copolymerized with C5 aliphatic monomers. They are excellent tackifiers for use in EVA, SBS, and natural rubber polymers. C5/C93100 resin can also be used in SIS-based HMPSA to provide low melt viscosities with an optimum balance between cohesion and adhesion.
  4. 4.Hydrogenated C9(HY9100), Aromatic Resins are produced through the controlled hydrogenation aromatic resins. Usually these resins are colorless (water-white) and are very stable to heat, weathering, and oxidation. 
  5. 5.Hydrogenated C5(HY5100), Aliphatic Resinsare basic C5 hydrocarbon tackifers that have been hydrogenated to improve their color and thermal stability
  6. 6.Hydrogenated DCPD (HY6100,HY6200),DCPD basic hydrocarbon resin tackifers,Colourless and odourless