Company Profile

Ecopower (Guangzhou) New Material Co.,Limited is Located in Guangzhou, China.

It is a high-tech oriented company. which specialized in producing, R&D and selling chemical additive included: Poly sulfur Silane coupling agent and other Mercap, vinyl, Amino, Epoxy, acryl organofunctional silane coupling agent, Precipitated Silica (white carbon black), Petroleum hydrocarbon resin C5 and C9 resin hydrogenated resin, as well as gum rosin and rosin ester, CSM ( Chlorosulfonated polyethylene rubber). Our products are widely used in Rubber Tire, shoe sole, Coating, Adhesive, Sealant, Printing ink, Coating industries.

Ecopower supply silane coupling agent and chemical additives

Main Product List:

  1. Silane coupling agent (Crosile 69,69C, Crosile 75,75C, Crosile 189, Crosile 1891, Crosile 560,570 .Crosile 171,172…)
  2. Precipitated silica (White carbon black, white soot Silicon dioxide silica, Matting agent)
  3. Petroleum hydrocarbon resin (C5, C9, Copolymer resin, coumarone indene resina, Hydrogenated hydrocarbon resin)
  4. Gum Rosin and Rosin Ester Derivatives (gum rosin, rosin glycerol ester, pentaerythritol ester, hot-melt road marking resin, Maleic acid rosin resin and Disproportionated rosin etc)
  5. CSM rubber (Hypalon rubber ,Chlorosulfonated polyethylene rubber)

Culture& Service

“Quality-Oriented,Timely Delivery and Grow with Customers”is our motto and “Attitude,Practical,Teamwork“ is working style and always to provide value and innovation to help our customers succeed and grow. With ISO9001,ISO14001,IAFT16949…..production standards,We promise to deliver our products and services with highest quality standards.All of the products complied with RHOS,PAHS.REACH regulation…. Ecopower also owner some patent to know how to technology to produce our products, also cooperated with a lot of famous university and focus more on our R&D.Our products already got a lot of approvals by a lot of customers in the world and enjoy a good reputation from our customers.

Ecopower is led by a highly skilled management team comprised of specialists with extensive knowledge of the petrochemical industry. Our team is knowledgeable, responsive and focused on both customer service and operational excellence..

Ecopower will continue to improve and enhance our-self, constantly optimized our process,create more high-value product,promote social and economic development.Highly appreciated at your comment and idea about our product and service..


Why choose us

Personnel & Saleroom

Ecopower has over 80 employees, Among them,
there is 10 R&D personnel.
An annual sales figure that exceeds USD 30 million,
and are currently exporting 60% of our production worldwide.

Cost & Equipment

Ecopower covering an area of 24,000 square meters, In the production process, we have a complete set of equipment, strict quality control to achieve the purpose of reducing customer costs, So as to improve customer satisfaction

Experience & Service

Ecopower has 15 years of industry experience, The technicians have eight years of strong technology and rich management experience. We can provide many feasible solutions based on different problems.

Warehousing & Logistics

Ecopower professional in logistics and after-sales service, and has 8 warehouses in China, After closing with the customer, we can guarantee supply, timely delivery arrangements


Our products have been sold to all over the world and earned a good reputation among customers both at home and abroad. In the coming future Ecopower will keep optimizing product quality, and strengthen cooperation in the supply chain, so as to create higher product value for customers, and further enhance the social economic development.

Team work

To “seek truth from facts “is  always ecopower approach.We are striving to provide first-class services to our clients through excellent product quality and promised quantity at we do firstly.

Many years of profound experience had fostered our expertise.we have business with more than 100 counties