Chemical additive Product showcase:

  • 1.Silane coupling agent (Crosile 69,Crosile 75,Crosile 189,Crosile 1891,Crosile 172.Crosile 171…)
  • 2.Precipitated silica (White carbon black,Silicon dioxide silica,Matting agent)
  • 3.Petroleum hydrocarbon resins (C5 resin ,C9, Copolymer resin ,coumarone indene resina,Hydrogenated hydrocarbon resin, Tackifying Liquid Resins, Styrene Modified Resins )
  • 4.Gum Rosin and Rosin Ester Derivatives ( gum rosin,rosin glycerol ester,pentaerythritol ester,hot-melt road marking resin,Maleic acid rosin resin and Disproportionated rosin etc )
  • 5.CSM rubber(Hypalon rubber ,Chlorodulfonated polyethylene rubber )

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