Coating & Painting

As a paint additive, petroleum resin can accelerate the drying speed of paint film, improve the water resistance, acid and alkali resistance of paint as well as surface hardness and gloss.Can be used as steel anti-rust paint, ship primer and general furniture paint.

With the popularization of automobile and the development of expressway, fusible traffic sign paint has become the mainstream of road sign paint.This kind of road sign paint has drying speed fast, durability is good, do not have the characteristic such as dissolvent, it is by resins, pigment, reflex material, plasticizer, inorganic filler to wait for composition.Road paint containing 10% ~ 30% hydrogenated petroleum resin has sufficient durability, good thermal stability and weather resistance.

Petroleum resin can be used as film – forming agent for printing ink.Gravure printing ink is oil resin, pigments, waxes and other dissolved in aromatic solvents.The resin used is required to form a film quickly and can be stored for a long time in a stable dispersing state, usually with a high softening point with carboxylate waxes and hardeners, which are then dissolved in aliphatic solvents.