Adhesive Application

Application of petroleum resin in heat flux, pressure sensitive adhesive and solvent adhesive.

High polymer is the basic component of the adhesive formulation, such as natural rubber, synthetic rubber, polyolefin, acrylic ester, ethylene/vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA), styrene and butadiene (isoprene) block copolymer (SBS, SIS), in the formula, the caking property of petroleum resin have need, creep resistance, heat resistance and other properties, such as C5 petroleum resin C9 petroleum resin, C5, C9 resin synthesis resin is equal to the corresponding elastomer has good compatibility,C9 petroleum resin is mainly used in pressure sensitive adhesive for the modified styrene butadiene rubber (SBR). Add oil in elastomer resin not only can improve the viscosity of hot melt adhesive and invasive, and improve the effect of surface contact adhesive performance and features, make ideal viscosity, the balance between the cohesive strength and interface strength, can also adjust the adhesive liquidity, improve the glass transition temperature of the mixture, adjust the heat resistance of hot melt adhesive, so as to expand the use of hot melt adhesive to the environment.