Tire Application

Petroleum resin

As rubber processing aids, it has been widely used in styrene-butadiene rubber, cis-butadiene rubber and chlorinated butyl rubber. Petroleum resin is mainly used in rubber lining, crown rubber, steel wire clamp rubber and many other compounds of tire, and has been widely used in the production of radial tire.

Precipitated silica

In tire compounds, silica is used as an auxiliary filler in combination with the main filler carbon black. Replacing carbon black with a small amount of silica (5-10 parts) can enhance tear strength, cut growth resistance and bonding properties. For the tread area, silica is used primarily for off-road tires and road and off-road truck tires that are subjected to severe tearing and cutting during use, while carbon black is the primary filler for various types of tire tread rubber.

Sulfur silane coupling agent