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CSM  Rubber(Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene Rubber ,Hypalon)

Product Type Specification
CSM 45 Chlorine, %                                             23-27
Mooney Viscosity ML(1+4),100oC         30-50
CSM 40 Chlorine,                                                33-37
Mooney Viscosity ML(1+4),100oC      40-60
CSM 30 Chlorine, %                                          40-45
Mooney Viscosity ML(1+4),100oC       60-90
CSM 20 Chlorine, %                                          28-32
Mooney Viscosity ML(1+4),100oC       25-40

After compared with unsaturated rubber, it has excellent properties as following:

1.Excellent anti-ozone performance
2.Good heat resistance.
3.Good chemical resistance:CSM has excellent weather resistance, especially when used with suitable UV masking agent. The weather resistance of various CSM as below: CSM40 >CSM20 >CSM 30
4.Superior low temperature performance:
5.Good physical mechanical properties:
6.Retardant performance:

Product defect:

Although CSM has many valuable properties, it also has some shortages, such as large compression permanent deformation, poor elasticity in low temperature, Oil resistance is not as good as nitrile butadiene rubber, and High polymerization cost