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The global shortage of shipping containers has led to a sharp rise in transport costs from Asia to Europe thus further restricting supplies to Europe;

Additional non-tariff costs related to the new UK customs arrangements with the EU are adding to the cost of imported raw materials into the UK from Europe.

Some of resin manufacture already announced that price increase:

  1. Kraton Corp. has announced a general price increase of 330 USD/MT ($0.15 cents per pound) for all HSBC products. Subject to the terms of any applicable contracts and obligations, the price increase will be effective April 1, 2021.(Source:
  2. Hexion Inc. to Raise Prices for Cardura, Glycidyl Ester, VeoVa Monomers and Versatic Acids increase by $175/MT or 150 Euro/MT. (
  3. Eastman, OQ Chemicals etc have announced to increase prices…

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