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GER-85E Glycerol Ester of Gum Rosin (Food Grade)


GER-85E Glycerol Ester of Gum Rosin (Food Grade)

Glycerol ester of rosin, Glyceryl abietate, Gum ester, GEWR
CAS Number 8050-30-4
Chemical formula Variable
Molecular Weight Variable

1. as anti-oxidant and softening with good tase in the production of SBR or polyvinyl acetate based chewing-gum and bubble gum. (Approved by FDA 172.615)
2. as emulsification stabilizer in soft drink
3. as tackifier in depilatory and Cosmetic industry
4. Applied on coated urea fertilizer for tobacco
5. as a thixotropic agent of pesticide dispersion

1.Its high density helps keep oils in suspension in water and this property is why it is often used as a beverage stabilizer.
2.It also serves as an alternative to brominated vegetable oil in citrus oil flavored soft drinks.
3.Totally soluble in aromatic, aliphatic and chlorinated solvents, Not soluble in alcohols, ketones (except butanol and MEK)