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International Labour Day

Pay tribute to all employees, everyone’s efforts make the future better and better.
The harvest of labor is the best crown for laborers,
Life originally made everyone’s work worthwhile.

ECOPOWER International Labour Day

It is a high-tech oriented company.which specialized in producing,R&D and selling chemical additive included: Polysufied Silane coupling agent  and other organofunctional silane coupling agent ,Precipitated Silica(white carbon black),Petroleum hydrocarbon resin C5 and C9 resin hydrogenated resin, as well as gum rosin and rosin ester  ,CSM ( Chlorosulfonated polyethylene rubber).Our products are widely used in Rubber Tire, foot-wear,Adhesive,Sealant,Printing ink,Coating industries….

Main Product List :

  1. Silane coupling agent (Crosile 69,Crosile 75,Crosile 189,Crosile 1891,Crosile 172.Crosile 171…)
  2. Precipitated silica (White black carbon,whiter soot Silicon dioxide silica,Matting agent)
  3. Petroleum hydrocarbon resins (C5 ,C9, Copolymer resin ,coumarone indene resina,Hydrogenated hydrocarbon resin )
  4. Gum Rosin and Rosin Ester Derivatives ( gum rosin,rosin glycerol ester,pentaerythritol ester,hot-melt road marking resin,Maleic acid rosin resin and Disproportionated rosin etc )
  5. CSM rubber (Hypalon rubber ,Chlorodulfonated polyethylene rubber )