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HC-9120#6 Cold Polymerization C9 Hydrocarbon Resin


C9 resin HC Series Hydrocarbon Resin

C9 is a low molecular weight thermoplastic aromatic resin produced from petroleum derived C9 fraction through catalytic-polymerization technique.
It’s a transparent granular solid with the color of light yellow.
It has the properties of good solubility, mutual solubility, water resistance, insulation, excellent chemical stability over acid and alkali, good adhesive strength, and low heat conduction.

ECOPOWER HYDROCARBON RESIN HC-9120 is thermoplastic, brown yellow flake aromatic resin obtained from petroleum derived monomors. It is compatible with many resins,mineral oils,vegetable oils and plasticize. Soluble in major solvents in industrial paints and adhesives. It is mainly used in industrial paints and adhesive.

Key Characteristics:
Excellent compatibility with other resins
Low Molecular weight
Good thermal resistance
Good resistance to acids, alkalis and moisture
Water resistance