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Electricity Shortage in China: Energy Conservation

Electricity shortage in China:Energy conservation

The background of the power shortage is as follows:

1. According to the latest data from the China Electricity Council, the electricity consumption in the first seven months of this year was 4.7 trillion kWh, a year-on-year increase of 15.6%.
As the government strictly controls electricity prices and calculates the economic impact of the inevitable rise in electricity prices, coal-fired power plants that rely on meager profits for a long time are reluctant to advance at full speed because more and more electricity will cause greater losses.

2. China promises to achieve carbon neutrality only 30 years after the peak of carbon dioxide emissions. It needs to reduce carbon emissions, especially for a large number of energy-consuming industries, such as electrolytic aluminum and polysilicon, which now have to reduce production capacity. This will shut down small factories, suspend production and work.
The supply chain will face shortages of raw materials and limited supply in China. It will keep all costs at a high level. It will last until the first quarter of 2022, and most cities are facing such problems.

ECOPOWRE, our factory will also actively cooperate with the requirements of the country while ensuring stable supply, saving energy and reducing emissions, saving electricity and saving resources.