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Staff Birthday Party In ECOPOWER


Staff Birthday Party


ECOPOWER Staff Birthday Party

ECOPOWER Staff Birthday Party

ECOPOWER Staff Birthday Party

Well-decorated birthday venue
A dazzling array of activities
Specially selected food
Birthday will bring everyone closer
On the road of struggle, we share the joys
Create a warm and harmonious ECOPOWER with love
very lucky
We can meet here in the most beautiful years
The days to come
Let us go hand in hand and work together
In the days of struggle
Create our better future



Ecopower ( Guangzhou ) New Material Co.,Limited is specialized in offering silane coupling agents, Precipitated silica(White Carbon,SiO2), Petroleum hydrocarbon resin C5 C9, Hydrogenated hydrocarbon resin(Water white resin), Gum rosin and Rosin derivative, CSM Rubber(chlorosulfonated Polyethylene, Hypalon rubber)

Served in Tire, footwear, rubber goods, adhesive, road marking paint, sealant, paint, printing ink…

Ecopower has the necessary technical expertise to solve today’s challenging opportunities with our  products and providing custom synthesis solutions to our customers. Our technical staff is always available to collaborate on projects and deliver premier value to customers.

Welcome to know more about us and visit us.

Guangzhou Ecopower New Material Co.Limited

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