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Liquid Rosin Ester 5015 – ECOPOWER

ECOPOWER Liquid Rosin Ester


Liquid rosin ester 5015, is a transparent liquid resin made from gum rosin through esterification with polylol

by special technology, has excellent antioxidant and non-drying, properties, can increase the initial adhesion and

opening time of the adhesive.

It has good application performance at low temperature, low odor, light color and good solubility.



 Increase the initial viscosity

 Adjust the opening time

 Excellent tackifier and softener

 Improve the process performance and cold resistance

 Non-toxic, harmless and no pungent smell



Nature rubber, Synthetic rubber, Pressure-sensitive adhesive, Chloroprene rubber adhesive, High polymer


Typical uses

Used in solvent base pressure-sensitive adhesive; SBS and SIS hot-melt pressure-senstive adhesive;

EVA hot-melt adhesive; Elastic floor glue; Coatings; Inks; etc.