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European Coatings Show 2023 – Booth No. Hall 5-143D March 28-30

ECOPOWER European Coatings Show

European Coatings Show 2023


Exhibition time



Exhibition location

Nuremberg Exhibition Center, Germany


Exhibition booth

No. Hall 5-143D


Exhibition Introduction

European Coatings Exhibition (ECS 2023) will be held in Nuremberg, Germany on March 28-30, 2023. The exhibition is held every two years and is co-hosted by Nuremberg International Expo Group and Vincentz, the media in the coatings industry. The European International Coatings Exhibition covers the fields of paints, coatings and sealants. During the three days of the exhibition, exhibitors and visitors will be able to discuss the latest developments in the coatings industry.

ECOPOWER participation in this exhibition is mainly to show the role of petroleum resin and rosin resin in the coating industry.

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