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ZC-185GR Silicon Dioxide For Rubber Roller

ECOPOWER ZC-185GR Silicone Dioxide

ZC 185GR Excellent Reinforcement

Filler Silicon Dioxide Granular For Rubber Roller

Chemical Name: Silicone Dioxide

Formula :SiO2 nH2O


Amorphous Silica, SiO2, White carbon black, Precipitated Silica, Silica, Silicon Dioxide,Reinforcing filler ,NV2,NV3

Physical Properties:

White granular form with low dust ,it can be dissolved by NaOH,HF.
Other kinds of acid, water and solvents can not dissolve the product.
Test Item
Target Values(Spec.Limits)
Loss at 105 ℃ 1.5h %
Igniting Loss 1000 ℃ % Max.
DBP absorption Value cm3 /g
BET specific surface area M2/g
165 -195
20Mesh sieve residue % Min
60Mesh sieve residue % Min
pH Value(5% aqueous suspension)
6.0 – 8.0
Salt As Na2SO4 % Max
SiO2 % Min

Precipitated silica is widely used as filler and filler for rubber and plastics.

In resin matrix composites, white carbon black particles can be dispersed fully and evenly into resin materials, so that the strength, toughness and ductility of epoxy resin are greatly improved, and the wear resistance and material surface finish are improved, and the aging resistance is improved.
So as to improve the properties of resin based materials.
If the white carbon is added to the ordinary rubber, the strength, wear resistance and aging resistance of the product will reach or exceed the top grade rubber products, as you know the color will remain unchanged for a long time.
ECOPOWER ZC-185GR Silicon Dioxide

ECOPOWER ZC-185GR Silicon Dioxide

ECOPOWER ZC-185GR Silicon Dioxide

ECOPOWER ZC-185GR Silicon Dioxide