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Sea freight has soared by 300%!


The high-priced freight from China to Europe and the United States is still “a container hard to find”!

It is understood that the price of a 40-foot container from Guangzhou to New York in the United States has risen to US$5,000, more than three times the price before the epidemic. The price increase of special cabinets is even more frantic. Some freight forwarders have their prices increased by 4,000 US dollars by shipping companies in just one week. Some special cabinets in northern ports have increased their prices to 10,000 US dollars. The price of special cabinets before the epidemic was only around 1,000 US dollars.

Containers are in madness, and it is difficult to stop price increases due to supervision. The industry believes that the shortage of containers will continue at least until the first half of next year. Export companies and freight forwarders will continue to bear cost pressures for a period of time, while upstream shipping companies and container manufacturers will have some dividends.

Industry insiders pointed out that the global shipping market will continue to be “difficult to find one ship and hard to find one box”, and mainstream shipping companies have booked space until late December.

“To some extent, there is no upper limit on freight, depending on how much the shipper is willing to pay for the shipment.”

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