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Precipitated silica(Silicone Dioxde,SiO2,White Carbon Black)

Precipitated Silica is an amorphous form of silica (silicon dioxide, SiO2); it is a white, powdery  material,also named white carbon black .

 Precipitated silica is produced by precipitation from a solution containing silicate salts

1.Precipitated silica in Tires and Rubber series: Type  ZC-120 ZC-175,ZC-185,ZC-195….(Powder,Micropearl,Granular Form)

   Highly Dispersible Silica (ZC-HD165MP,ZC-HD125MP)

2. Silicone Rubber SAI Series (Type SAI-800,SAI779…)

3.Matting agent silica Series in paint and ink (Type ZC-740,ZC-750,ZC-770,230 …..)

4.Feed Additive Silica(Ecoreinforce-826…..)

5.Plastic Silica Series

6.Hydrophobic Silica Series

7.Silica in detergent 

8.Silica in food 

9.Fumed silica