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Gum Rosin Derivatives

Gum Rosin Ester are based on gum rosin and are comprised of several kinds of modified rosins, ester gums, rosin-based phenolic resins and other rosin resins.

There are four process methods of esterification, disproportionation, hydrogenation, polymerization and other reactivities.

Ecopwerchem Product list(Gum Rosin&Resin )
Product  Product Type Softening Point
(Ring Ball)oC
Color(Gardner Grade) Application Fields Range
Rosin Glycerol Ester
(CAS NO 8050-31-5)
G-85 85-88 2-4 For ester glue phenolic resin paints;
widely used in glue industry as low cost enhancer for hot-melt, pressure-sensitive and other bonding agents.
G-85L 85-88 1-2
G-90 88-93 2-4
G-90L 88-93 ≤1
Rosin Pentaerythritol Ester
(CAS NO 8050-26-8)
P-100 L 98-102 ≤1 Widely used as a tackifier in adhesives industry. Mainly used in EVA hot melt adhesive, hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives HMPSA, hot melt coating, ester gum, phenolic varnishes, bookbinding glue, carpenters glue, structural adhesive etc.
P-100 98-102 2-4
P-115 113-117 2-4
Resin for Hot Melt Road-Marking R-95 93-97 2-4 Specially used as the link of traffic marking painting,which have good resistance to crushing, abrasion and smudge, appropriate leveling and fast drying.
They also have good resistance to yellowing and ageing. It is suitable for all kinds of bitumen road surface and cement road surface. 
R-100 97-103 2-4
R-105 103-107 2-4
Maleic Acid Resin
(CAS NO 68038-41-5)
M-120 120±5 oC 2-4 used in paint and coating industries widely, for production of phenolic paints (through polymerization with platoils); improve hardness of paint films, gloss and rubbing property for Polyesters, Nitro and PU paints;as adhesive or binder for thermosol and road marking paints
M-130 130±5 oC 2-4
M-140 140±5 oC 4-8
Alcohol-Soluble Maleic Modified Rosin Esters MA-130 130±5 oC 4-6 used in intaglio printing paper ink.Water-base ink
Hydrogentaed Rosin Glycerol Ester G-85H 85-88 2-4 Depilating wax 
Hydrogentaed Rosin Pentaerythritol Ester P-100H 95-102 4-6 Depilating wax