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Hot melt adhesives raw material rosin resin

Gum rosin and hydrogenated resin 

Gum rosin resin and hydrogenated resin is the raw materials of hotmelt adhesive,in short is HMA

Hot melt adhesives are solid materials that melt at relatively low temperature (above 80°C degree  ) during the application or molding process. Once cooled, the materials become solid again, ensuring cohesion.

Hot Melt Adhesives can be applied in various marktet fields:

**book binding graphic arts include Hardcover and Softcover Books
–you can use Rosin Pentaerythritol Ester  P100 with light white color or light yellow color to make it .
** Electronics PCB
—we recommend rosin ester  as raw material to make it .
**food and beverage package
—we recommend food grade gum rosin to make it .
**Furniture and Building Components
—we recommend gum rosin resin or hydrogenated resin DCPD
** medical industry rubber-based hotmelts like Bondi
—we recommend natural gum rosin
**Reliable hygiene products that meet the demands of sight, smell, touch, and sound

—we recommend gum rosin resin or hydrogenated resin DCPD with light color

Hope you can use our product to make better products.