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ECOPOWER P100 Rosin Product Description

ECOPOWER Gum rosin resin and Rosin ester


P100 Rosin Product Description

P100 Rosin pentaerythritol ester (RPE) is the reaction product of rosin and pentaerythritol


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Rosin pentaerythritol ester P-100 has good water resistance and acid resistance, and is widely used in coatings, rubbers, and adhesives.


Rosin pentaerythritol ester has the characteristics of low acid value, high hardness, high melting point, etc. It is used in hot melt adhesive, pressure melt adhesive, shoe glue, laminating glue, sealant, paint, paint, ink, etc. It can also be used as rubber and plastic The modifier of the product has a wide range of applications.



Excellent viscosity, internal cohesion, excellent heat resistance, good compatibility with wax and EVA polymer, excellent oxidation resistance

The thermal stability and weather resistance of rosin ester are important quality indicators that determine its market viability.

Features: Light color, high viscosity, good heat resistance, etc., can be compatible with a variety of macromolecule polymers, and can greatly improve the adhesion of EVA glue.





Mainly used for EVA hot melt adhesive, hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive, hot melt coating, ester glue, novolac, book binding glue, wood glue, etc., sanitary glue, structural glue, packaging glue, cigarette glue, sealant, laminating glue Wait.

Easily soluble in: aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbon solvents (petroleum gasoline, benzene, ethyl acetate, acetone), esters, ketones and chlorinated hydrocarbons.


Insoluble in:

alcohol, propylene glycol and water.




woven bag or paper bag, 25kg/bag, or according to customer’s specification.

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