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2203-O Aromatically Modified C5 Resin

Aromatically modified c5 resin

ECOPOWER 2203-O is aromatically modified C5 resin with a narrow molecular weight distribution. It is

characterized by light color and low volatility.

Physical Properties:

1/ Better compatibility, good viscosity;

2/ Outstanding rolling ball tack, and excellent balance of peel and cohesive strength;

3/ Good compatibility with EVA, SIS, SBS, NR, gum rosin etc, is favorable tackifier material for many application fields.


As tackfier in rubber compounding to give better process ability, incorporation and dispersion.

In Hot melt and hot melt pressure-sensitive adhesive are used as tackfier as well as in formulation of road marking paint.

An excellent compatibility with all kinds of polymer and thermoplastic elastomer, especially EVA ,SBS,SIS and SBR.

Application Base Polymer Product Recommended
HMA EVA 2203-O
Rubber Products NR,SBR